Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 24 Oct 2020 08:34:19 +0530 en-us Mild Steel Binding Wire Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Iron Wire Nails Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 MIG Welding Wire Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Agni MIG Welding Wire offers : Excellent feedability Perfect layer winding in all size for trouble-free feeding with no entanglement Optimum Copper coating for efficient current pick-up and freedom from rusting Excellent copper adherence with minimum flaking Controlled cast and helix Packing : Normally supplied in virgin plastic spools designed for easy mounting on wire feeding equipment with spool mounting facility of 50mm bore. Spool wrapped in VCI paper and polythene. Sealed in polythene bags with silica get and placed in corrugated paper boxes, which are then shrink wrapped with CDPE. Mild Steel Welding Electrodes Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530